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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fall Wreath

Last year, T had a thing with wreaths.
She has spells where she is into "decorating" the house.
I guess that's a good thing. 
And I should be glad that she transitioned out from
her decorations being something she drew, colored with crayon,
cut up and taped to the walls.  ;)
So when she said, "Mommy, I want a wreath..."
I told her we will make it out of what we have instead of buying something new.

So in the attic, we found old strands of berry that we had used to decorate for Christmas.
I showed her how to take two strands and wrap them around each other while creating a circle.
It was already pretty with just the entwined strands.  

We found some  loose leaves in the bottom of a box and tucked them in the twigs of the strand.

This time around, after unearthing the wreath from the attic,
I scrounged for something orange and maybe some fall-ish items.

Tuck one here....
Tuck one there...

I also wanted to make a banner sign.
so I went in my scrap quilting pile and picked out a fabric.

I cut them up into small triangles.

Since I was working on some of my pillows, I had some fabric already with iron on fusible interface.

I  cut out the letters free style then ironed them to the fabric.
The plan was to then hot glue gun the triangles to the jute but
I could not find where I put the glue sticks and I ran out of patience.
Soooo....  Duck tape to the rescue.  ;)

On to the next problem.
Our front doors are 10 foot doors and most standard doors are only 8.
So it is extremely difficult in my part of the world to find wreath hooks for tall doors.
So I bought a piece of bendable metal.
 (I have no idea what it is used for or what it is called.  I just looked for thin bendable metal.)
And bent it on both ends to form 2 hooks.

My front door is in espresso/black finish and so I took the metal and
painted it with Rust-oleum dark bronze in a hammered finish.

Once painted and dried, I hung it on the door and followed by the wreath.

I like it!  now I gotta make another one!  O_O

Yeah, my holiday wreath from last year is still up... don't judge me.  ;oP

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  1. So pretty...The banner just adds that extra special touch!

  2. Thank you StylishReVamp....yours is not so shabby either! Definitely alot of work with pinching all that raffia! ;o)

  3. I too love the banner...and I love that you found stuff around the house for this. SO cute and resourceful!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Ashley Rane Sparks

    1. Ashley, yours is cute too! There's just something about tin that makes everything look like its been around for ages! Love 'em! I too loved getting out to do host parties. I was a MaryKay consultant years ago. Dont know about Southern Living. I need to look that up.

  4. So cute! Love the little burlap bunting! Thanks for linking up to the "Get Your DIY On" Link up party! Hope to see your thrifty upcycle project on Sunday! :) - April