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Friday, September 6, 2013

Feeling Blue

I had been working extremely hard and without any breaks this past month.
...and have accrued so much comp time.
I was excited for the long weekend.

Actually, since I was using some of my comp time, 
It was an even longer extended weekend.  ;)

And what do you think happened?
(Hocking House grounds, Logan, Ohio)

Oh no, I still went down to Sarasota and saw my son place silver in their division
in the soccer tournament.

And I still ate at some of the awesome digs in town...

I got sick.
(Ash Cave Trails, Hockinghills, Ohio)

Yup, really sick.
No, not just THAT sick....but really, really sick.
So sick that I spent most of the last couple of nights on the bathroom floor next to the commode weakly and unceasingly emptying every ounce of anything that was in my body.
(Happy Trails, Logan, Ohio)

The pain so intense that each heave caused me to urinate shamelessly.
Until finally I told the hubs to take me to the urgent care center.
Logan, Ohio Cemetery

Doc said It was a virus.
DUH!  Like I didn't know that.
But he gave me something for my nausea because if I didn't keep anything down
he was going to have to admit me for dehydration.
So the meds helped and Gatorade was a lifesaver yet again.  Yeah Gators!! ;)
But not even my bed was friendly.
I ached all over.  ;(
...and no solid anything was happy in my tummy.
(Jean Magdich, artist/ Hocking House, Logan, Ohio)

But there is always a silver lining!
1.  I'm almost positive I lost some weight through all of this.
(Jean Magdich, artist/ Hocking House, Logan, Ohio)

2.  I actually stayed in bed for almost 4 days straight.  Seriously.

3.  I saved on gas this week because I didn't go to work.
(my van, also called The Big Red Tomato, guzzles up a gazillion gallon of gas).

4.  And my son's team placed second in their tournament!!!  Woohoo!!!
Goooooo PREDATORS!!!! ;)

Ahhh....but all things come to an end.
And tomorrow, it's back to work.

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