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Friday, August 30, 2013

Playing with Wire

It's a long weekend!  Yeay!  It's especially long for me since I got today off!
We just checked into the hotel here in Sarasota since S2 has a soccer tournament  here this weekend.

As usual, I brought my To-Go craft bag.  ;)

It is so full because I shoved my beading blanket in there.
On this trip, I decided that I am going to bead and make some jewelry.

So are you curious as to what I made on the 2 hour trip?

First let me show you the road so you know I'm for real.
I can't remember now if this was before or after the I-4 exit.  
That intersection was crazy.  Heavy backed up traffic.  Good thing we pass right by it.'s what I pulled outta the bag.
Its copper colored wire... Probably 20 gauge.

I cut a piece approximately a foot long.
Then I wound it around very loosely around my ring finger leaving enough wire on each end of the loop.
I wound it around 4 times to the thickness that I wanted.
(You will want to make sure that it is loose enough on your finger that it does not get too tight once you start wrapping.)

You then take one of the ends and bring it around the wire as if you are tying a ribbon.
Then keep looping it through, winding around the wires to hold them together and in place.
Its up to you how much you want to keep wrapping around.  
I stopped after a couple of wraps and clipped the wire to stop at the top of the wire.
This will keep it from snagging on things too much.
Make sure to pinch the wire down too so it is not sticking up.
(Again, this is to control the snagging)

With the other end, I strung a bead (a large seed bead) and then looped it around.  
Strung another bead and looped it around. 
I kept doing this creating a design.
(Sorry for the blurry picture....don't forget that I was in the car!)

After adding enough beads and wrapping the wire and looping it through in between the beads and wire, this is the result.

It actually only took me about half an hour to do this including the time it took me to find the beads that kept falling into the bag and car.

What do you think?
This is the very first ring I have ever made.

I think it's a keeper!  ;)

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