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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Solar Repellant

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Lowes as I was waiting for T to get out of her piano lessons.
As luck would have it, I was passing by the sale carts when a lady was asking for the price on the roses.
According to MomK, deer don't like roses.
I was ecstatic because I really want some pretty flowers 
But it has been a challenge figuring out what the deer don't like.
These knock out roses came out to less than $2 each!!
So I bought them all.   The lady only wanted like 3.
I bought 12 and gave my mom 3  of them.
The rest I planted the following weekend and mulched all around it.
I was so happy to have a rose garden!
I look at it every morning and every evening to check on their growth.
They were all doing so well and they were looking so healthy!
But this morning when I went to say hello to them, they were bald!
BALD I tell you!!

The culprits?

So off to Walmart I went and bought a whole bunch of solar lights.
And put a couple around each rose plant.
Earlier in the swimmer when T had her littler flower garden, 
we noticed that the deer stayed away when we put solar lights around it.
We don't know if it has a hum, or if it is the actual light output.
But whatever it is, they stayed away.
So we are going to test it again on my roses and if they stay away then it is confirmed.  

Stay tuned!

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