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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Revisiting the Garden Gate

So in my old blog I told you about T's Enchanted garden (her room).
..and how it evolved from this wonderful sign she bought. 

Well this sign is right outside her bedroom door by the window ledge.
This whole wing of the upstairs is her sanctuary.
We call her room the princess tower because from the outside, her room looks like a castle's turret.

As you approach her door, you see her pink Cadillac parked by her curbside.  ;)
This was a present from her Jaja and Grandma.  :)

The wreath is made of artificial lavender and she put a white fantasy bird to perch on it.
The heart on her doorknob is the first heart she ever made for Tashi's Treats.

Are you ready to see her room?
Are you ready to see her Enchanted Garden?
Are you ready to see the princess tower?

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