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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Myrtle Nursery

Early this summer, Hubby tells me that unless I do something with the
Lagerstroemia (also known as crape myrtle) shoots, that he was going to cut it all off.
(Excuse the grass, Hubby hadn't mowed it yet when I took the pic.)

But that's the Momma tree.  
....and here are her babies!!!!
All 14 of them are newly re-potted in each of their pot to grow even stronger roots.

This was an experiment that I did with the hopes of getting more trees ~ for free, of course!
I am happy to tell you that each stalk has a very healthy root system going on and I can't wait til next spring when I plant them in the ground.

I was coming into the house all dirty and sweaty from re-potting when hubby was on his way out to mow.

He looks at me and says that if I don't do anything with the myrtle shoots that he's gonna cut them off...

I look at the Momma tree and sure enough, there are more babies!

I counted 25 shoots!!!  O-O
Looks like I'm going to be needing more pots!!!  

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